General waste · Special control Waste collection and transport

Contributing to the formation of a better resource recycling society

We collect and transport various types of industrial waste to the appropriate processing and recycling sites in an appropriate manner. We hope to contribute to the formation of a better resource recycling-oriented society, and collect and transport not only general waste but also medical waste such as hospitals.

We strive for proper handling according to manifest (management slip).

The manifest system is a system established by law to monitor whether a series of processes from industrial waste discharge to industrial waste discharge, collection and transportation, intermediate treatment and final disposal are properly conducted. The manifest is created for each industrial waste, and the type, quantity, processing (or transportation) agent, request date, waste disposer, etc. are entered and delivered to the disposer along with the waste, and every time the processing is completed Since a copy of the manifest will be returned from the processing company related to this, it is obligatory to confirm that processing has been properly done and keep the copy for 5 years.

Automobile maintenance industry

Expertise in maintenance, repair, insurance

It is our own maintenance factory that always supports our safe transportation. Not only maintenance and repair but also fuel sale, insurance, vehicle sales etc. are also done, many people in the local residents have used. In addition, if there is a demand such as parts installation of private cars, tire exchange, exchange of various lamps, etc., please do not hesitate to consult us.

Procurement / substitute manufacturing industry

Among diversifying import forms, the number of customers imported with semi-finished products and parts has increased. Among them, we respond to customer’s request, we will do assembly processing, manufacturing, parts procurement (domestic and foreign parts) OEM manufacturing will also be of assistance in our line.



Company appearance

Head office
353 Ozeki Tsubame-city Niigata prefecture
Yoshida garage
10-15 Konosu Yoshida Tsubame-city Niigata prefecture
Niigata inspection and distribution center
1309-1 Ozeki Tsubame-city Niigata prefecture

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