Customs clearance business

Based on compliance
We will carry out proper and prompt customs duties.

We will carry out proper and prompt customs duties.

Starting business in December 2016, Tokyo Customs approved customs clearance business.

Transportation and inspection center which is also the company’s strength, combined distribution processing.

We will propose to make customers benefit from other customs brokers.

In addition, we aim to start operation of bonded warehouse in December 2017, we will be selected by customers.

We aim to become a logistics company.



Company appearance

Head office
353 Ozeki Tsubame-city Niigata prefecture
Yoshida garage
10-15 Konosu Yoshida Tsubame-city Niigata prefecture
Niigata inspection and distribution center
1309-1 Ozeki Tsubame-city Niigata prefecture

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  • Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport

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