Comprehensive logistics through one stroke

Overseas to domestic procurement · OEM production · import / export · distribution processing · trade agency · product repair service · inspection work etc. are collectively undertaken.

Please use it for reducing outsourcing costs, trade costs and logistics costs.

Bridging the business

I would like to export overseas to lower domestic sales volume, want to increase sales share overseas in anticipation of the future or want to procure from overseas

According to your request, we will be able to introduce overseas buyers and suppliers. We aim to be a company capable of total coordinating all operations related to logistics.


We will operate your distribution center in the city with the largest port on the side of the Sea of Japan.

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customs clearance

Import and export declarations to accurate and prompt customs are carried out by customs officers with experience of trade practice in a thorough system.

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We will respond to your request with a thorough inspection system by quality control experts.

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Related business

We will be able to produce you what we can do with in tsubame city metal processing.

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Company appearance

Head office
353 Ozeki Tsubame-city Niigata prefecture
Yoshida garage
10-15 Konosu Yoshida Tsubame-city Niigata prefecture
Niigata inspection and distribution center
1309-1 Ozeki Tsubame-city Niigata prefecture

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