Introducing logistics ideas for Consistent logistics system

In order to respond to the diversifying needs of customers, Tsubame Logis has built a logistics system so that it can be integrated from manufacturing to sales. We do not only store warehouses, customs clearance, inspection, but also want to sell manufactured items overseas, want to import things overseas, etc. We bridge various business All the way through logistics.


Case 1
Introduce overseas sales outlets and support up to EC business launch

Since domestic sales volume of our products are decreasing year by year, we received consultation to introduce sales channels to overseas. Since the logistics company knows the manufacturer and the distributor, it introduces the overseas selling destinations where customers’ products consulted can sell, Support up the latest trend EC business launch. As a result, due to expanding new sales channels and increased sales volume, our logistics and customers’ sales increased.

Case 2
Supports 4PL logistics from negotiations with overseas plants, procurement, logistics

We would like to change suppliers from overseas, but we can not find a good factory, so we received consultation that we want you to introduce.

Customers who do not have overseas branches, there is a lot of reasons for inferring defective products because only the e-mail can be exchanged with the local factory
Since we received requests to negotiate with the factory in the field, procurement, logistics all, we used local partners
we able to carry the logistics on 4PL.



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